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What Does Our Drainage Company Offer?

We are more than just water drainage experts in Montreal. Our company’s expertise stretches to several related fields; therefore, we can always address complex challenges when it comes to wet or rotted basements. Here is a list of services our company offers:
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Are you stressed out from your wet basement? You’re in the right place! We are a drainage company in Montreal, Quebec, and we can solve your problem while you are busy with your life. Our team of true experts can handle anything from landscape drainage to waterproofing. Do you need to repair your basement? We can do this too!

Why Let Us Drain Your Basement in Montreal?

We are a professional drainage company with a mission of helping Quebec citizens fix wet basements. Here are five reasons why our clients choose us:
  • Professional local team: Whenever you have a leaky basement, our specialists are right here to help you. You won’t have to wait for a long time for aid to arrive.
  • All services from a single vendor: Whether you need landscape or commercial drainage solutions, waterproofing, or a basement repair, you can rely on our team. We offer professional service for anything when it’s foundation-related.
  • Certified specialists with extensive experience: You won’t find novice employees on our team. We believe that hands-on construction experience is just as important as theoretical knowledge. All our workers are subject to regular assessment to ensure their work is of the highest quality.
  • Lifelong warranty. Our house drainage system is going to save you from wet basements and stress in the future. We are sure about our service; thus, we always provide a warranty.
  • More than XX years of work in the market: Within this time, we have made a reputable name for ourselves and gained a lot of valuable experience, which allows us to provide top-notch service.
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Foundation drainage allows a household to save money that would be spent on potential damage repairs. Water in the basement may destroy not only the interior but also affect the building’s stability, which is dangerous and must be urgently tackled. Obviously, such repairs are also much more expensive than basement drainage.

There are several measures that every household can do to improve drainage in the backyard. For example, you can create a swale or extend a downspout. Moreover, constructing a rain garden is also a reasonable solution. You can also consider installing a French drain.

Improper drainage may result in severe consequences that in the long-term lead to deterioration of the foundation. This, consequently, makes the building no longer useful to operate and requires instant repair. Failing to notice the problem in time can result in a catastrophe.

The soakaway drainage system has a drainage pipe and a huge hole, and the water is transferred through the pipe. Typically, such type of system is used in the case of standing surface water.

To make a water drainage system for a yard, you will need to create a creek bed to direct the water from a low spot on the ground. Don’t dig deep, and start from a drainage ditch.